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Is the Obesity Crisis Hiding a Bigger Problem?

Tweet If you’re a regular reader here at me-dot-com, you’ll know that I rarely publish videos but when I do, it’s because I’ve found something that I believe might be of interest and value to the majority of my readers. I love this presentation and I love the honesty, humility and self-awareness of the speaker; [...]


Super Foods that Aren’t Super

Tweet Who knew that companies would bullshit us about their products in order to sell stuff? I’m stunned. If you’re interested in (1) your health and (2) quality information as opposed to clever marketing and manipulated studies, take 9 minutes out of the 1,440 you have today and watch this. If you can’t see the [...]


When Thinking is Reality

Tweet When you dream that there’s an attacker in your home, your body will respond exactly as though the event is real, even though the bad guy is nothing more than a creation of your mind. Despite the fact that you’re safe in your bed, your sympathetic nervous system will switch on the ‘fight or [...]


Getting Real about Obesity

Tweet *Warning: impending rant and language. Australia is one of the fattest countries on earth and many people erroneously suggest that education is the answer to our national obesity problem. Really? Consider these two facts: Fact 1:  In 2014, we have more education, information, awareness, policies, programs and getting-in-shape (type) resources, than any other time [...]


The Next Big Thing

Tweet In my thirty-two years as a trainer, coach, exercise scientist, gym owner, media presenter, speaker, author, employee, employer and general shit-kicker, I’ve seen more ‘next big things’ than most. Almost every week of those thirty-two years there’s been a new ‘never-seen-before’ breakthrough in something-or-other and more often than not, it has made its way [...]


Why Recommended Daily Intakes are Unreliable

Tweet The only place Recommended Daily Intakes (RDIs) work is in a text book. And clearly, life is not a theory and you and I are not theoretical. The notion that John needs 2,150 calories every day because his height is X, his weight is Y and his age is Z (as one of my [...]