News Flash: Some People Won’t like You

Tweet The need to be liked; what an emotional anchor that is. And it’s an anchor that many of us have been carrying around for years. Despite our good intentions, some of us have become exhausted, anxious and compromised people-pleasers who can never be liked enough. And did I mention miserable? The simple truth is that [...]


Can we Choose Happiness?

Tweet If there’s a universal goal, it’s happiness. Choose Happiness? Really Craig Harper? That’s your measured advice? Please spare us the feel-good motivational fluff. Surely it can’t be that simple? Or can it? Imagine a world where your ability to be happy wasn’t dependent on your situation, circumstance, environment or other people but, rather, your [...]


Prescriptive Shagging

Tweet Some fun today…. The Dance with no Pants Making love. Sex. Shagging. Bonking. Banging. Screwing. Rooting. Call it what you like but if it wasn’t for the dance with no pants, you and I wouldn’t be here. Sure, we all have our own quirky rules, beliefs and personal issues (about sex) but when we can [...]


The Expectation Trap

Tweet The Let Down Do people let you down? Have they let you down in the past? Do you think they will in the future? Did you (do you) have particular expectations about how people should treat you or react when certain things do or don’t happen in your world? Like when you get a [...]


Finding Your Inspiration

Tweet Hi Everyone. Apologies for being somewhat scarce lately but I’ve been busy doing very grown-up things. Like work. Lots on again today so I thought I’d wheel out a chapter from my (last) book so you don’t forget me. For some of you it will be familiar and for others, not. As such, it [...]


Self-Healing (the ‘how’ bit)

Tweet Too Much Info So, I started writing some long-winded, sciencey-sounding, overly-complicated follow up to our last post on self-healing but when I hit the pause button and took a moment to read what I’d typed, even I was bored. And maybe a little confused. By the time I got to the bit where the [...]