Tweet It’s okay to disagree with or have a contrary opinion to someone (healthy even), but it’s not okay to launch a personal attack on a person simply because they don’t share our thinking, beliefs or perspective. Sadly, this seems to be happening more and more in social media and in society at large. It’s [...]


What’s Right (for You)?

Tweet “Oh, that’s not right for you.” There’s a sentence we’ve all heard along our journey. Some of us, far too many times. The concept of right and wrong is an interesting discussion and a subject that has fascinated me for years. Growing up, we were all taught that there’s a right way and a [...]


The Emotional Baggage Carousel

Tweet If you’ve ever been to an airport then you know exactly what a baggage carousel looks like and what it does. It constantly spews out baggage from somewhere deep within the bowels of the building and then circulates it on a conveyor belt until someone claims it as their own. And while a visit [...]


You and Your Physical Environment

Tweet Freshly Cut Grass Did you know that certain colours can have a positive affect on your nervous system, endocrine system (hormones), cardiovascular system and your emotional state? Did you know that plants can do the same? And puppies? And the sound of waves crashing on a beach? Rain on the roof? Certain smells? Like freshly cut [...]


The Uncomfortable Solution

Tweet When it comes to the matter of creating lasting positive change in our world, sometimes our challenge is not that we don’t have a solution to our problem but rather that the solution is one that makes us uncomfortable. And as we have an aversion to discomfort, we tend to avoid what we shouldn’t [...]


News Flash: Some People Won’t like You

Tweet The need to be liked; what an emotional anchor that is. And it’s an anchor that many of us have been carrying around for years. Despite our good intentions, some of us have become exhausted, anxious and compromised people-pleasers who can never be liked enough. And did I mention miserable? The simple truth is that [...]