Exploring Potential

10 Efficiency Questions

Tweet If you’re interested in becoming more time and energy efficient, consider these… 1. Is there a better way to do this? 2. What’s not working? 3. What’s the best use of my time and skill? 4. What can I learn from others (and their results)? 5. Where am I wasting energy? 6. What should […]


The Ready-ness Variable

Tweet People seek me out mostly because they want to change something about their reality. Could be their body, career, habits, mindset, relationships, performance, financial situation, fear, self-limiting beliefs…. or a curious combination of things. As is often the case. And while there are many variables which will influence the likelihood of someone (1) changing […]


Who Influences the Influencer?

Tweet People always ask me about which books and blogs I’m reading, what podcasts I listen to and which thought-leaders I pay attention to. Well, the answer is plenty but today, in an effort to help you hang out with people who will drag you up (even if it’s a cyber dragging), I thought I’d […]


What’s Right (for You)?

Tweet “Oh, that’s not right for you.” There’s a sentence we’ve all heard along our journey. Some of us, far too many times. The concept of right and wrong is an interesting discussion and a subject that has fascinated me for years. Growing up, we were all taught that there’s a right way and a […]


Your Future: Destiny or Decision?

Tweet Here’s a version of a conversation I’ve had many times….. “Craig, I don’t know what I’m meant to do with my life.” “What do you mean… ‘meant’ to do?” “Well, I want to discover what my purpose is.” “What makes you think you need to ‘discover’ it? Can’t you just choose it? Create it?” […]


Why Wait for the Catastrophe?

Tweet Have you noticed how normal, fearful, insecure people can do amazing, logic-defying, almost super-human things when they have no choice? Or when they believe they have no choice? Weak people become strong. Lazy people become driven. Directionless people become focused. Reactive people become proactive. Decision avoiders become decision makers. Fearful people become courageous. Shy […]