“I Just Don’t ‘Get’ That Person”

“I just don’t ‘get’ that person”…is something I hear often. When someone thinks, chooses, behaves and lives differently to us, it’s understandable that we might make such a comment. But the important question around this issue is… do we want to ‘get’ them? And by get, I mean understand their thinking, choices and behaviour. Their […]


Conversational Awareness

If you think that a productive, healthy conversation is all about words, think again. In many instances, it’s what’s not being said that makes or breaks a conversation. If you’re a person with a desire to be an effective (if not, exceptional) communicator and conversationalist (leader, teacher, coach, manager, boss, parent), it’s in your interest […]


Making Shit Hard

Here’s the scene… I’m at the gym doing what I do and a few metres away from me a lady is trying unsuccessfully to put a handle on a Lat Pull machine. She struggles for about sixty seconds and stupidly (and apparently, sexistly), I offer to help. I know I can attach it in two […]


The Stories we tell Ourselves

Your mind is unique. And brilliant. At times, terrifying. In some ways it’s limitless. And limited. Sometimes it’s a calm and gentle breeze and sometimes it’s an over-thinking, fearful, anxious shit-fest of cerebral chaos. Either way, it’s yours and although you can’t get a new one, the good news is you can renovate you current […]


How to Operate a Bloke – Part 27: Communication

“He’s a Terrible Communicator” … or is he? Over the last thirty years, I’ve heard a version of the above statement many times. Keeping in mind that more than seventy percent of my clients over the years have been women, this comes as no big surprise. Well ladies, if you’ll allow me to, today I’d […]


When to Unfriend

The healthiest friendships develop spontaneously and organically. They don’t always ‘make sense’, they are not hard work, they are not strategic and there is no score card. Unfortunately, not all friendships are… well, friendly. Ironic, I know. I am constantly amazed by the stories my clients share with me regarding the behaviour of their friends. For […]