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4 Tips You Didn’t Expect from Me

1. Don’t trust people (too soon).
2. Expect people to lie.
3. Don’t expect people to celebrate your success.
4. Expect resentment.

Now, before anyone starts jumping up and down, shaking their fist and expressing their disdain at my lack of faith in humanity… take a breath and put your soap box away. Put the emotional reaction on hold for a moment and consider a few things. Do you think I would share something so (seemingly) negative without good cause? And by the way, it’s not really negative but rather reasonable, rationale and realistic advice (albeit uncomfortable to hear or read), based on my every-day, real-world experience. Over a long time.

The truth is that many people confuse pragmatic, not-always-comfortable, reality-based advice with negativity. They are quite different. Negativity is expecting a poor outcome for no logical reason or irrationally expecting the worst every time. Whereas, anticipating the possibility (notice I didn’t say certainty) of less-than-desirable behaviour from someone (or ones) in your orbit can be not only money-saving, career-saving, relationship-saving, and sanity-saving, in some extreme situations, it can be life-saving.

That matters.

If you’ve met me (or read me for a while), then you know that I’m a positive, solution-focused bloke who works diligently to find and develop the best in people but in the middle of my optimism, I’ve experienced the negative version of ALL of the above four behaviours on a regular basis for my entire working life. Often, all on the same day! Is this revelation a display of negativity or toxic thinking on my part? No, it’s a commentary on a thirty-year career, thousands of encounters and an honest insight into one facet of human behaviour.

I’ve had people that I cared for (deeply) lie to me, trash talk me, steal money from me (literally), undermine me, resent my success and sabotage my endeavours, so in my world, expecting the best from people (all the people, all the time) would be irrational and potentially, dangerous. (*I’ve also had total strangers be incredibly generous, kind, loving and supportive.)

So, am I saying don’t trust people? Absolutely not. Am I saying everyone’s a lying, selfish, resentful dick? Nope. What I am saying is that life is not a Disney movie and while most people have the capacity for all things generous, kind and incredible, you might want to pay attention (to people) for a while – quite a while – and then base your expectations (of them) on your experience, insight and observation.

This might be an uncomfortable lesson for some of you but I can assure you that learning it this way is more pleasant than the alternative. :)



It’s okay to disagree with or have a contrary opinion to someone (healthy even), but it’s not okay to launch a personal attack on a person simply because they don’t share our thinking, beliefs or perspective. Sadly, this seems to be happening more and more in social media and in society at large. It’s kind of unpleasant and unnecessary. Apart from the fact that it makes the attacker look like an irrational, self-righteous dick (and therefore, less likely to be listened to or respected), he/she will destroy any chance of being able to educate, enlighten or influence the other person (because they’ve just created disconnection and disdain), even if they’re 100% right (which is unlikely). And no, I’m not talking about disagreeing with or reacting to something extreme (like criminal behaviour, for example), but rather, the way we respond to, and interact with, people in our day to day lives. The way we create friction, tension and dis-ease out of nothing.

Every day I hear and read things that I don’t agree with. As do you, I’m sure. It’s part of life. Part of being a conscious, considered being. Our challenge, then, is to know how to invest our time and energy (in relationship to the things we disagree with) while being mindful, self-aware and realistic about what type of impact, effect or outcome a specific response might have.

Sometimes the best response is no response. :)


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