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10 Efficiency Questions

If you’re interested in becoming more time and energy efficient, consider these…

1. Is there a better way to do this?
2. What’s not working?
3. What’s the best use of my time and skill?
4. What can I learn from others (and their results)?
5. Where am I wasting energy?
6. What should my primary focus be today?
7. What do I need to put on hold (for now)?
8. When do I move from busy and efficient to overwhelmed?
9. Am I the best person for this task?
10. Is my result (or progress) reflective of my effort?


“I Just Don’t ‘Get’ That Person”

“I just don’t ‘get’ that person”…is something I hear often. When someone thinks, chooses, behaves and lives differently to us, it’s understandable that we might make such a comment. But the important question around this issue is… do we want to ‘get’ them? And by get, I mean understand their thinking, choices and behaviour. Their version of reality. Sometimes we don’t want to ‘get’ someone because, on a level, we feel that to understand them is to agree or align with them.

Which it isn’t.

In one of my roles, I work with drug addicts, alcoholics, gamblers and people with ‘colourful’ pasts and presents. Me, the life-long non-drinker. Me, who has never gambled or touched a recreational drug. And while I hate addiction and the destructive behaviours and consequences around it, I don’t hate addicts. I care about them. Of course, I don’t need to embrace addiction to be able to understand, care for or help an addict. I do, however, need to ‘get’ the emotion, psychology and history behind their thinking, choices, behaviours and life situation. If I really want to connect, understand and make a difference, sometimes I need to walk away from my ‘window’ and take a look through theirs. What do they see, feel, think, fear and experience?

As long as we evaluate (define, judge, label, pigeon-hole) people exclusively through the filter of our own experiences, values, beliefs, standards and prejudices, the only people we’ll ever ‘get’ are those who are just like us. :)


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