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Conversational Awareness

If you think that a productive, healthy conversation is all about words, think again. In many instances, it’s what’s not being said that makes or breaks a conversation. If you’re a person with a desire to be an effective (if not, exceptional) communicator and conversationalist (leader, teacher, coach, manager, boss, parent), it’s in your interest to understand the totality of the conversational experience, and not just the conversational component that we call dialogue. With that in mind, here are some relevant questions:

1. What is their physiology (body language) telling me?
2. Are they genuinely engaged?
3. Do they care about this conversation?
4. Am I creating connection or disconnection?
5. Am I speaking their language?
6. How do they perceive me?
7. What is my physiology saying to them (friendly, intimidating, interested, bored)?
8. What kind of experience are they having right now (in this conversation)?
9. In terms of this conversation, what is their current level of knowledge, understanding and (most importantly) interest?
10. What matters to this person?

Happy (and productive) chatting. :)

*By the way, some people who are good talkers with big vocabularies are terrible communicators and conversationalists because they are more interested in being heard, being right and demonstrating their alleged brilliance than they are in understanding, respecting or connecting with, another person.


Is it Time to Reboot Your Mind?

I might not know a lot about you personally (okay, maybe nothing) but there’s one thing I can assume with certainty; you’re a thinker. And as you read my stuff, there’s something else I might assume with a high level of probability (but not certainty); you’re a periodic over-thinker. Or worse; a chronic over-thinker.

Nothing wrong with thinking of course (it kind of helps with that whole ‘living life’ thing), but there comes a point in the cognitive process where healthy thinking morphs into unhealthy (obsessive, destructive, weird, compulsive, anxiety-producing, fear-driven) over-thinking. Bells?

In summary…

Thinking: good.
Over-thinking: shit.

The science of Meta-Cognition is an area which explores the notion of ‘thinking about thinking’, (among other things) which is both fascinating and relevant, but to be able to put it into some kind of practice in the real world and create some kind of a positive outcome on a personal level is tricky because after all, you are you, you think like you think, your self-created reality is your reality (only yours), your beliefs are pretty much set and like the rest of us, it’s all you know. And while you exist, interact and ‘operate’ in a physical, three-dimensional world (like the rest of us), the place you do most of your ‘living’ is in your head. Specifically, your thinking.


What if there was a better way to see the world and yourself in it? What if the thing that held you back in life was not your intelligence, talent, education, qualifications, body, environment, opportunities or (insert barrier of choice)? What if your biggest limitation was, in fact, your thinking? Your crappy self-talk? Your self-limiting beliefs? About the world? And you in it? Your propensity to find problems, not solutions? To look past the good stuff and see only the bad stuff? To talk yourself down? Way down?

Okay, be honest and courageous, does any of that sound like you? A little bit?

If you answered no, you can stop reading now (well done, see you next time) and if you answered yes, well done also; you’ve just stepped into a place called self-awareness. Not to be confused with self-loathing. When we start to operate in a state of self-awareness, we begin to discover that ‘our reality’ is just that (our reality) and that we each exist and operate in a multitude of realities and possibilities, all created by the people around us. Operating in self-awareness helps us to understand, connect with and empower others. It also helps the world around us, and the people in it, ‘make sense’ (to us).

In life, there’s no doubt that bad things happen to good people but in the middle of that life, there’s you and me. The story tellers. The interpreters of events. The creators of experiences. And the makers of reality.

When we change our thinking, we change our life. :)


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