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Making Shit Hard

Here’s the scene…

I’m at the gym doing what I do and a few metres away from me a lady is trying unsuccessfully to put a handle on a Lat Pull machine. She struggles for about sixty seconds and stupidly (and apparently, sexistly), I offer to help. I know I can attach it in two seconds and make her day a little easier, so it seems like the right thing to do. Well, apparently not. Upon hearing my offer, she looks at me with disdain as though I’m some kind of alpha-male pig and without smiling says… “no”.

Not “no thankyou”, just… “no”.

‘Well this is pleasant’, I think to myself.

They were the only words we exchanged but I have no doubt that she found my offer to be either inappropriate, condescending or sexist. Or maybe, all three. Perhaps she was having a bad day but talk about making shit hard. Talk about creating a problem where none existed. Talk about finding a reason to get offended.


Now I know that some guys are pigs but from where I sit, sometimes the difference between being a thoughtful person and an inappropriate tool seems to be a matter of personal interpretation. Which can be a little terrifying when you’re a well-meaning polite bloke with no agenda. And you might wonder… would I have offered if it was a guy?

Yep. :)


The “it didn’t work” Delusion

I just bumped into a lady at the supermarket who told me how frustrated she is with her “fat body”. Without wanting to, I somehow found myself in the middle of a consult standing in the nut section, basket in hand. And no, the fact that it was the nut section is not lost on me. Anyway, my interest was sparked when Mrs. Frustration told me “I’ve tried everything and nothing worked”.

Curious, I wanted to know what “everything” was. Here’s the list as I remember it: personal trainers (4), an exercise bike for home, numerous gym memberships, Pilates, tennis lessons, boxing, a health retreat and more diets than she could remember.

Well, it didn’t take long to discover that (1) she likes the idea of physical change more than the practical reality of creating it (2) she has an aversion to discomfort (3) she is awesome at excuses and denial and (4) she didn’t persevere with anything for longer than four weeks. I also learned that she had used her two year-old exercise bike once (it’s uncomfortable), never went back for a second tennis lesson (her back hurt) and “didn’t really enjoy the gym”.

In reality, it wasn’t that “nothing worked”.

It was that she didn’t work.


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